Friday, December 18, 2009

Oreo Gooey and Chocolate Covered Ritz with Peanut Butter

These are two of our favorite candies we make at Christmas time. Who can go wrong with oreos in white chocolate or the sweet and salty of peanut butter, crackers and chocolate!

Oreo Gooey

1 package of Oreos
8 oz. package of cream cheese (softened)
Almond bark

Crush oreos(we use a food processor). Add the cream cheese and mix until 'mud like' consistency. Make into balls and refrigerate 2 hours.

Melt 1 package of white almond bark(30 second intervals in microwave until melted)Dip balls into almond bark and put in refrigerator.

Chocolate Covered Ritz with Peanut Butter
Chocolate for melting
Ritz crackers(or similar brand)
peanut butter

Spread peanut butter between two crackers and dip in melted chocolate. Does NOT need to be refrigerated.


  1. Just wondering with the chocolate covered ritz with peanut butter... you said they don't need to be refrigerated? But could I put them in the freezer so they last longer? Or would that make them yucky?

  2. Yes, they can be frozen--and refrigerated,too. When we lived in WI, they sat out in the cold garage and were fine!