Friday, March 11, 2011

Brown Sugar Brats

I made a third of this recipe(5 brats) and cooked them in the crockpot. We ended up heading to Don's folks last Saturday afternoon, so I packed up the crockpot and finished cooking them there. I really liked them!

Brown Sugar Brats

3 # Fresh bratwurst
2 cups brown sugar
6 large apples
1 cup water
6 onions, sliced

Place the brats into the bottom of a large electric covered roaster such as a Nesco. Layer the apples, then the onions, then the brown sugar over the brats. Pour the water over the ingredients.
Cover the roaster and cook the brats at 325 for 3 hours. Brats will look dark and candied when ready.

****Beth cooked these in a crockpot for 7 hours.

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