Thursday, June 16, 2011

Moving Day

Today is moving day for us.  We move out of our house of 4 years and on to a new adventure!  This house has been perfect for us with all our company and it has served us well.    We will be in 'limbo' for a week or so before we close on our 'new house'.  This house is a project, but has great 'bones' as Dave Ramsey says!  Best of all, it is on 5 acres!  I hope to put in a garden and get back to canning once again.

I DO have recipes scheduled still for every other day for a few weeks.  Oh, how I miss cooking already---the kitchen has been 'closed' here since last Friday.  The 'new' kitchen will have all new appliances and I will have to get used to cooking on electric once again.

I had better get moving....the movers will be here in 2 hours.   Let the new adventure begin!

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