Sunday, July 15, 2012

Skinny Oreo Dip

The girls made this to take to a Bible Study get together one night. They really liked it. They served it with graham crackers but I think Vanilla Wafers would be good with this, too.
Skinny Oreo Dip
Weight Watchers Points (Old): 2
Weight Watchers Points (PointsPlus): 3
1 package Instant Oreo Pudding Mix (Jell-O Brand)
2 Cups Skim Milk
Cool Whip (to taste — and feel free to sub whipped cream or omit entirely)
1 Graham Cracker (for crumbling)
Graham Crackers for dipping

Combine Oreo Pudding mix with 2 cups cold milk and stir. Once it begins to solidify, refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Take out and spoon/pour Oreo Pudding along one side of a long dish.

Spoon/pour whipped cream or cool whip along the other side of the dish.

Use a spoon to glide back and forth, mixing them slightly into each other but not entirely.

Crumble one graham cracker on top and use the rest for dipping!

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