Friday, May 31, 2013

Boston Butt--Pulled Pork

This was a very easy roast to put together. I cooked it all night long for a Memorial Day get together. I let people add their own BBQ sauce if they wanted. I liked mine just plain.

Boston Butt--Pulled Pork

Pork roast--Beth used a 2 # roast
garlic--fresh or granulated
apple cider vinegar

Spray crock with Pam,( or use a crockpot liner) sliced onions in first, then butt, then season with salt and pepper, and garlic.  Add 1/4 cup of water and 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar.  Cook for 10 hours on low.  Shred and keep warm.  Beth added a bit more water and apple cider vinegar when reheating.

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