Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Slow Cooker Cranberry-Orange Pork Roast

This was an excellent recipe that made the house smell wonderful.  I had a pork roast that was just over 5#, so made 1 1/2 times this recipe.  We all liked it.
Slow Cooker Cranberry-Orange Pork Roast

1 (3 lb.) pork loin roast or rib roast
1 tsp. ground ginger
1/2 tsp. dried mustard
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. pepper
2 TBSP cornstarch
1 c. fresh cranberries
1/3 c. light brown sugar****
1/3 c. golden raisins (or craisins)
3 cloves garlic, chopped
1/3 c. cranberry juice
1/4 c. orange juice
1 small orange, thinly sliced

1.  Place ginger, mustard, salt, pepper, and cornstarch in a plastic bag and shake to mix.  Add pork and shake once more, to coat. 

2.  Place coated pork loin in slow cooker.  Add cranberries, both sugars,***(Beth also added 1/3 c white sugar--per original recipe) raisins, and garlic.  Pour in juices, then top with orange slices.
3.  Cover and cook on low for seven-eight hours.


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