Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Outrageous Cherry Dr Pepper Cake

This was a great cake.  We liked the cherries in the cake.  The only complaint was that the frosting was WAY too sweet.  Next time I will try a less sweet option.
Outrageous Cherry Dr Pepper Cake

1 (15.25 ounce) box super moist chocolate fudge cake mix (dry)
12 ounces Dr. Pepper Cherry® (room temperature)Beth used diet
1 (18 ounce) jar maraschino cherries, divided
2 (1 cup) sticks salted butter (room temperature)
7 cups powdered sugar

Preheat oven to 350°F. Spray a 9x13x2 baking pan with cooking spray. Set aside.

In a large bowl combine cake mix and soda. Whisk until combined. Set aside.

Remove 24 cherries from the jar, remove stems and cut cherries into fourths. Add cut cherries to cake batter. Whisk again until combined.  Pour batter into prepared baking pan. Smooth with spatula so cake is even. Place cake in the center of the oven and bake 30 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.

Place baking pan on a cooling rack and allow cake (still in pan) to cool, about 2 hours. If you need to rush that you can pop it in the fridge or the freezer.

Meanwhile: Add butter to the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment (or place in a large bowl and use and hand mixer). Beat butter until light and fluffy, about 3 minutes. Add sugar 1 cup at a time until it is all incorporated (beating between each addition). Add 3 ounces (6 tablespoons) maraschino cherry juice from the jar and beat until mixture is light and fluffy. Frost the cake with all of the icing and garnish with remaining cherries.

Serve and enjoy!

COOK'S NOTES: Do not add the ingredients that the cake mix calls for. This recipe is just for the dry mix.

If icing is too thick, add more cherry juice 1 tablespoon at a time until you reach your desired consistency, beating in between each addition.

If it is too thin add powdered sugar 1 tablespoon at a time until you reach your desired consistency, beating in between each addition

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