Saturday, February 11, 2017

Smoked Pulled Pork Shoulder or Butt

We smoked this pork shoulder all day long.  I had read on some recipes that it would take 1 hour per pound.  Other sites said 2 hours per pound.  This one took the 2 hours per pound.  I guess using a smoker has a learning curve.  It tasted great when it finally got done!

Smoked Pulled Pork Shoulder or Butt

7-8 pound pork shoulder or butt
2 T of your favorite mustard
¼ C paprika
½ C chili powder
½ C brown sugar
2 t ground black pepper
2 t cayenne pepper
2 t dry brown or yellow mustard
1 T garlic powder
1 T onion powder
1 T ground cumin
1 t salt

Mix the ingredients for the rub and set aside.

Dry the pork shoulder with paper towels then spread the 2 tablespoons of mustard over the meat.
Coat the meat thoroughly with the rub and wrap tightly in plastic wrap. Refrigerate overnight.Beth did not do this

Set the smoker to 225 and once preheated add chips per your manufacturers directions. Add the meat and the meat probe thermometer if you have one. Add wood chips only for the first 3 hours. After that, you can add more if you really like that extra smoky flavor… I stop at 2 and a half to three hours.

For an 8 pound shoulder/butt, it takes about 10-12 hours. The meat is at its maximum tenderness and juiciness when it hits 195 to 203°F. So, watch the temperature. If you don’t have a probe, then don’t check more often than every 30 minutes, extra time won’t kill it and it can take an hour or more for it to go from 195-203, so, you are good with time. Always allow more time than you think you need.  Beth started this WAY too late and took the pork out at 10 pm,(after 9 hours of smoking) wrapped it in foil and put in the fridge until the next day.  I then smoked it for 6--7 hours wrapped in foil.

Pull the shoulder/butt from the smoker at 195-203 and let it rest for at least a half hour wrapped tightly in foil.

Then you are ready to pull.

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