Monday, September 25, 2017

Cleaning Sheet Pans

I was inspired to clean up my pans.  I had 4 covered jelly roll pans and only one that I was willing to take out in public.  I found various "recipes" to clean the pans.  This is what worked for me.  I now have 4 jelly roll pans I can send to work with the girls and take out to church!   This works on pizza pans and cookie sheets, too!

Cleaning Sheet Pans

baking soda
sos pads

Start with 1/4 c of baking soda and enough peroxide to make a thick paste.  Depending on how large your pan is, you may need more.

Spread a thin layer of paste on both sides of pan and let sit for an hour or more.  Wipe/scrub with a damp rag or steel wool/sos pad.  I found I needed the sos pad since some of my pans were really bad. 

This DOES take some elbow grease but is so worth it!

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