Monday, January 25, 2010

Prayer Request

If you have a moment or two to pray for my cousin Lindsay today, she and her family would appreciate it so much. She's pregnant and in the hospital with HELLP syndrome. This is what I had with my youngest daughter,Kathleen. It is very serious. The mom's liver and kidneys shut down. It is life/death for the mom and baby. The baby is a little under 30 weeks right now. About three pounds. They really need our prayers.

I just talked to my Aunt and Uncle and they are waiting to hear about Lindsay's platelet counts. If the counts goes any lower, they will have to take the baby tonight... otherwise it will be a day by day thing. Right now they are resting. It sounds like her blood pressure is pretty stable. Thanks for praying!

I wish I could be in IL now, since I have been through this 15 years ago. So glad God is everywhere and we can send out prayers and love from TX! Lindsay was our flower girl in our wedding almost 23 years ago.

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