Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Homemade Granola

Don loves granola for breakfast. I think I have two other recipes on here, but love to try new ones. I found this one with peanut butter in it and thought it was interesting. Don likes it, but prefers Koreena Renard's recipe! I made half the recipe. I didn't have 'other grains' so used another cup of oats. We used pecans, sliced almonds and sunflower seeds for the nuts. I filled up 2 jelly roll pans.  The original recipe says to make this late at night, shut the oven off and leave the granola in there until morning.  She said it becomes crunchier.  I think she is right!
Homemade Granola

10 cups old fashion oats
2 cups other grains (any variety six grain mix, steel cut oats)
2-4 cups nuts/seeds (mix them up almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds )
2 cups sugar
2 cups whole wheat flour
1 tablespoon salt

Stir all the dry ingredients together, then add:
1 1/2 cup oil
1 3/4 cup water
1 large jar almond butter or creamy peanut butter(Beth used peanut butter)

Heat oven to 250ºF.
Mix well and place on three 9-inch by 13-inch pans. Bake for 1 hour. Stir; bake 1-hour longer. Stir, again.

NEXT, turn OFF the oven and leave granola in there for several hours to cool. Store in air-tight containers. Granola has been known to keep well up to 3 weeks before being completely consumed.

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