Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Garden--Picture Heavy!

My Garden

Moving from 10 acres in Wisconsin to a subdivision in Central TX meant I had to give up my 1/2 acre garden.  Well, after almost 6 years without a garden, that all has changed this year.  We moved to 5 acres and my sweet husband went OVER THE TOP and made an elaborate garden for me!  We had to have a fence since we have lots of deer come and visit us.  Here are pictures of the "Taj-Maj Garden"

We had someone come in to do the stone work, had rocks and dirt brought in, too!  This is Jenna helping to spread the dirt before we planted.

We planted the day before Easter--tomatoes, peppers, cukes and herbs.  Yesterday we 'harvested' basil !
We had enough to make a double batch of Pesto that we will take when we go and see Jenna this weekend.  As you can tell, I am just a tad bit excited about my garden!  In a few months, look for more 'garden recipes' on this blog!


  1. Wow. Now is the building part of your home or is a gardening shed? Our new place is on 1.31 acres so we'll have room for a garden but nothing so nice. But I'm pretty sure we'll need to add a fence because we're sorta in the country with a few critters. ;o)