Friday, September 13, 2013

General Tso's Chicken Wings

These were delicious! I am so glad I tried these. Don and I both really liked them and they were easy to make. See my changes in bold

General Tso’s Chicken Wings

 Yield: 4 servings about 8 pieces

3 lbs chicken wings Beth used 2 pounds

For the Sauce
1/2 t sesame oil
3 T rice vinegar
2 t white vinegar
3 T  soy sauce
1/4 cup water
3 T granulated sugar substitute
1/2 t xanthan gum Beth used 2 tsp cornstarch in 2 T water
1/4 cup scallions, chopped
4 – 5 small dried chillies, chopped Beth used  dried chili d' arbol

Cut your wings through the joint if whole, to separate the wing from the drumette. Spread on a sheet pan and bake at 375 degrees (F) for about 45 minutes or until crunchy and golden brown.

Meanwhile, combine all of the sauce ingredients into a small saucepan and whisk together until smooth. Bring to a boil, then simmer for about 2 minutes until thickened. Remove from the heat. When the wings are fully cooked, toss in the sauce to coat. Put the wings back on the baking sheet and broil (carefully!) for about two minutes Beth turned the wings and broiled on both sides. or until the sauce is bubbling. Serve with lots of napkins!

Approximate nutrition info per serving: 417 calories, 27g fat, 1.75g net carbs, 37g protein

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