Thursday, June 19, 2014

Asian Pork Roast

I was cleaning out my pantry and came across some Orange Marmalade that I had bought for a different recipe(though I can NOT remember what recipe)  I have had this recipe in my files since 2004, so I thought I would try it.  The pork turned out moist and  flavorful and very tender.
Asian Pork Roast
3- 4 lb Pork Roast
1/4 cup Soy Sauce
1/4 cup Orange Marmalade or Apricot Preserves
1 T. Ketchup
1 or more crushed garlic cloves
Combine soy sauce, marmalade, ketchup and garlic.  Brush all over 
Place roast in crockpot and pour remaining sauce all over it.  Cook on 
low all day, 10 - 12 hrs.


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