Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Grandma Lily's Salsa

I decided to re post this recipe and put a picture up.  I made this batch of salsa last Wednesday with all fresh ingredients from my garden.  This is a favorite recipe.  I changed the name of the recipe since I could never find it and my grandma was the one to bring us the recipe at least 30 years ago.

Grandma Lily's Salsa

12 ripe tomatoes(I always use more-20-25)
3 onions chopped
3 sweet peppers chopped
1 c green and red hot peppers chopped(to your desired 'heat' level)
2 c sugar
2 c vinegar
3 T salt

Mix all together and cook for 2 hours. Put in jars and seal. I just have hot jars and hot lids. You can water bath, but I don’t always do this.(I turn the jars upside down for 10 minutes)

***I always use a lot more tomatoes, but never add more vinegar and sugar. The last few years I have added corn and black beans.m

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